Oyarsa | Short Film

You have shown me more wonders than are known in the whole of heaven

CS Lewis | Out of the Silent Planet

Oyarsa is a collaborative effort composed with my dear friend Timbre Cierpke. Her voice is inarguably the backbone of this song, and this melody was written specifically for her. We worked for 2 years on the melody and the song in varying structures, finally agreeing to keep it stripped of complexity. The word Oyarsa was the closest I could find to describe the journey this music invites me into…an “Oyarsa” is the name Lewis gives to the spiritual being in dominion over a world or planet in his Space Trilogy books. Stephen came on board while the song was being completed and brought the idea to another world…his footage allows me to see from the eyes of the Oyarsa instead of from the human perspective. I wrote this song after reading Perelandra because of my interest in angels…I want to know how they work, how they think…how they move and what they feel. I’ve always been interested in the unseen world, and Oyarsa is simply an extension of it. I hope you enjoy…

Tony Anderson